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All the grass cut in Florida in one month could feed all the animals on the planet for a year. We just don’t use it. And these assholes tell you that you live in scarcity? You don’t live in scarcity, you live in a poorly designed and poorly managed system.

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“I always think that finding out things about other people kind of adds to who you are.”




So you’re in bed. You’re snug. You’re cosy. You don’t want to get out ever! But here’s 9 yoga poses to help your sleepy self get up.
1. Savasana- just chill for a bit and breath deeply and enjoy that sun streaming in
2. Cobra- stretch that back like the crazy cat you are
3. Extended child’s pose- now stretch your back the other way. Your covers come off too. Magic!
4. Camel pose- now sit on your knees and throw your arms back to your toes like some sort of shawshank redemption prison break.
5. Forward bend- now stand up on those sexy pins and try not to fall off the bed
6. Pigeon pose- almost there. Are you smiling yet? You should be you sexy minx bird of paradise
7. Seated forward fold- touch your toes! Wiggle them and giggle at your cuteness
8. Kneeling side plank variation- stretch that delish body of yours and try not to blind yourself at how radiant you are
9. Meditation- don’t think just yet. Just enjoy that beautiful stillness

Now step off that cosy bed of yours and sashay the fuck out of bed. Namaste.

every morning I do this, I end up feeling 10x better throughout the day. 👌 well worth it.

She reads a lot of books. Good things, books.

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Tomorrow, join our makers blackbirdandpeacock (and a bunch of other awesome Catskills artists) at a “Seconds Sale" Pop Shop, where they’ll be selling "slightly irregular" pieces (a.k.a. pieces with character!) for discounted prices!

Saturday, July 19 at 12pm; More Art Space, 77 Main Street in Oneonta.

I hope you have an “on-sale-and-in-your size” kind of day.

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It took a little while, but I finished my 100 Days of Typography Book. It is hand built, french fold, hard cover case binding and it is 68 pages with 100 pieces of my typography work. 

this is BEAUTIFUL.

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